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Eric van de LooEric van de Loo

For over ten years we have co-designed and co-delivered innovative leadership development events and programs.

Philippe Haberer's companies delivers guaranteed results at a very high professional level, they practice what they preach: high performing teamwork requires an uncompromising focus on mutual respect, trust, professionalism, flexibility, focus on safety and integrity, innovation, fun and people.

Servicing international clients wherever needed: from France to the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the USA or for example Brazil and Hong Kong. He has an open mind to work with professionals from various disciplines, always putting the shared objective first of delivering meaningful and top-quality learning experiences for clients.

In that sense Philippe and his team touch the lives of all with whom they are engaged.

Leadership and Behavior Professor at INSEAD

Eric van de LooJean Louis Robin

I have had the pleasure to work with the team at Philippe Haberer's companies on two occasions.

EXLEA was involved in an event organised by the Executive Committee in which we hoped to encourage the integration of new members. The exercises proposed had an excellent metaphorical dimension and have served as a springboard for a debate of our values and ways of working.
They were involved for a second time when EUTELSAT got together for the 30th anniversary of our first satellite launch. We wanted to use a run to create a motivating event aimed at all our employees and their families, to give them a chance to get to know each other in different circumstances and experience a charitable moment together.

Philippe Haberer's companies organisation and that of their partners fulfilled all our expectations.

Eutelsat HR

Eric van de LooGraham Ward

It all ended very well in Turkey.

The CEO came up as did the HR guy and they were really delighted. You made a big difference. This was exactly what they needed.

I knew we should have done this earlier, but we could not make it fit. Thanks for being so patient and committing to come over. I realise it was a lot of work for one day of delivery for you, but I really believe we have helped them to be a better team and this in turn will really help the company.

Great work.

Professor of Leadership

Narayan PantNarayan Pant

I have worked with Philippe Haberer and EXLEA for quite some time now.
Having tried many different approaches to experiential exercises, I think Philippe and his team come closest to understanding the needs of a variety of leaders.
His exercises are thought-provoking, intense and specifically designed to produce behaviors that surprise participants. I find his exercises an invaluable support to the difficult challenges of guided introspection and personal development.

Chaired Professor of Leadership Development

Nicolas GuermontNicolas Guermont

Always surprising and motivating, EXLEA’s programs brought a wealth of learnings for Selecta.

EXLEA has helped us to stretch ourselves and to appreciate one another better.

What can at first seem like a lot of money is at the end a great investment.


GianpieroGianpiero Petriglieri

I have worked with EXLEA on a regular basis for almost a decade now.

Their outdoor activities are safe, conducive to great learning and fun. The staff are flexible, punctual, efficient and impeccably professional. EXLEA is a trusted and reliable partner which I highly recommend.

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD